What can you do with an English degree?

There are a lot of things you can do after earning a degree in English. Unfortunately, I’m not doing any of those things…unless you count making semi-amusing videos about bison and cannibalism. And even if you do count those things, “uploading videos to YouTube” doesn’t exactly stand out on a resume. In fact, it has sort of the opposite effect.  Even so, reaching out to like-minded individuals on the Internet is a great way to network and share ideas, so I started a blog in hopes of adding to my resume and connecting with people (why hasn’t anyone else tried this?).

I want to teach. I have a passion for it. I have a drive for it. Hey, I even have the degree for it (amazing how that works out, huh?). I just have no way of getting into a classroom because, as you may have noticed, the education system in America is a little tweaked right now, and it’s especially difficult for new teachers with no experience (me) to get into the game. But I still have this nagging need. To teach. To educate. To share. To write parallel sentence fragments for effect. To impart my limited knowledge of a specific content area onto a group of bored adolescents for less money than a thirteen-year-old babysitter would make (on a per kid rate, of course).

So how can I do those things without a job? Start a blog and do it all there! Brilliant! Yes, this blog will provide my teaching fix until I can find more permanent employment. I’ll post my videos, my lesson ideas, and other things that I find interesting and education-related. This will act as a sort of digital repository for all my school stuff – I can keep updating and coming back to it over the years after I (maybe) get a job.

So check back in the coming weeks to see what else I decide to put up here. It might be some really cool stuff. Then again, I’m feeling particularly productive and ambitious today, and that usually wears off by the time Scrubs comes on, so I may completely forget about this whole thing and never update it again. Ooooh…the suspense is killing me!

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2 Responses to What can you do with an English degree?

  1. Watch(h)er says:

    Hmmm… So, not only in my country education system is ineffective and wired? Interesting, interesting…

    Anyway, I’d like to tell you, that you shall not give up in fulfiling your dream. There always’ll be some obstacles, but “just do it”, as says commercial. I have respect for you. For that, you really know what you want to do. For dream of teaching. I don’t know, how looks a usual american school, how headmasters are treating teachers, and how looks your potential environment to work, but for now i see you have a big dream of “teaching and sharing” with your knowledge. I love your short movies on youtube (especially about buffalo ;)), and I’d like to tell you, that I’d like to have so inspiring teachers in my school.

    Sorry for awful english. Some kind of irony, that I’ve entered a blog about english, having actually any knowledge about it.
    Anyway, remember, you shall not give up!

    • survivingenglish says:

      Thank you for the encouragement, and I’m glad you enjoy the videos! I’m certainly not going to give up. I’ll end up doing what I want to do sooner or later. (:

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