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You Get What You Pay For…Sometimes.

A friend of mine posted this graph on Facebook (via Fareed Zakaria, via Andrew Sullivan): Accompanying the graph was a statement: [I]mproving teachers’ pay improves their standing in a country’s income distribution and hence the national status of teaching as … Continue reading

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To tweet, or not to tweet…

…that is the 28 character question. I take pride in the fact that I generally wait until the latest digital fad has tumbled from the apex of its popularity down into the “no longer hip, and almost not even relevant” … Continue reading

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How to Use PowerPoint (Like a Boss): Hyperlinks

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a teacher in possession of Microsoft PowerPoint, will bore her students to death with god-awful presentations.” – Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice was terrible, but you’ve got to admit, Austen is spot on … Continue reading

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