Synergy *almost* works!

Edupoint has made a lot of updates to its Synergy software that (almost) make it functional! Here is a quick tribute to their “improvements” with some visuals to show how they *almost* worked.

1. You can access all your co-teacher’s rosters now! (But your co-teacher can’t access them)


2. You can easily enter grades for all your students in one simple window. Just click ‘save’ when you’re finished! (Unless you forgot to click the correct semester on the tab we hide on the ‘create assignment’ screen because, you know, we don’t select the current term as the default…in that case, we just deleted everything you entered)


3. We fixed that issue where you get a random, screen-freezing error when a student is dropped from your class! (But ALL their grades get deleted when that happens because we assume you no longer need that information for data…or, you know, to provide to the school where the student is transferring)


4. You can easily assign weights and categories to your grades! (But we reset them to ‘0’ at the beginning of the new term without telling you. You didn’t want to, like, keep the same weights all year, did you?)


5. Hey! When you create a new assignment, you can choose to add it to more than one class! How convenient! (Except, doing that doesn’t copy all of the aspects of the assignment – like what quarter it’s for…sorry. If that happens, see Fail #2)


6. If you teach multiple grade levels, you can access all of your students! (…on the same roster, at the same time, without knowing who is in what grade level)


7. Synergy now works in ALL browsers! (sort of…)

tumblr_ms9hhi1srw1r3gb3zo1_400Keep up the good work, guys!

(All these hilarious and eerily relevant images were taken from

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