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Debunking Viral Facebook Posts: Part 1

I use Facebook. I’m not ashamed of that. I think it’s a great way to keep in touch with old friends and keep far-away family updated on everything happening in my life (baby girl is turning 1 next month! Expect … Continue reading

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Spambot Poetry

I frequently get spam comments that pass through my WordPress filter, but this one made me stop, read, and think. It’s almost poetic. The spam bot even included dramatic line breaks: The sound of music should be pleasing to the … Continue reading

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Near an operator sighs a steer: Generating critical thought with nonsense

I love playing with the syntax and semantics of nonsense. As it turns out, most students get a kick out of it, too. These activities will definitely engage your students and make them think.

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Higher order thinking through meme building

Whether or not you know the word ‘meme,’ you’ve probably seen them before. Stuff like this: And this: And these:   So what are memes, really? If you want the long, technical version, check out Wikipedia’s entry for Internet meme. … Continue reading

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To tweet, or not to tweet…

…that is the 28 character question. I take pride in the fact that I generally wait until the latest digital fad has tumbled from the apex of its popularity down into the “no longer hip, and almost not even relevant” … Continue reading

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How to Use PowerPoint (Like a Boss): Hyperlinks

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a teacher in possession of Microsoft PowerPoint, will bore her students to death with god-awful presentations.” – Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice was terrible, but you’ve got to admit, Austen is spot on … Continue reading

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Proffreed you’re advertizmints

As an English teacher, I have the arrogant (and lame) hobby of looking for proofreading mistakes in the real world. I take pictures of billboards, signs, shop windows, product packaging – anything that has some blatant (or sometimes not-so-blatant) error … Continue reading

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