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Debunking Viral Facebook Posts: Part 1

I use Facebook. I’m not ashamed of that. I think it’s a great way to keep in touch with old friends and keep far-away family updated on everything happening in my life (baby girl is turning 1 next month! Expect … Continue reading

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Synergy *almost* works!

Edupoint has made a lot of updates to its Synergy software that (almost) make it functional! Here is a quick tribute to their “improvements” with some visuals to show how they *almost* worked.

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Spambot Poetry

I frequently get spam comments that pass through my WordPress filter, but this one made me stop, read, and think. It’s almost poetic. The spam bot even included dramatic line breaks: The sound of music should be pleasing to the … Continue reading

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Seriously, no one saw how ironic this was?

I love irony in education… For example, how Lexile scores should be used to differentiate texts for all learning levels…and then everyone should take the same reading test. Or how suspension is a terrible deterrent for bad behavior, and actually … Continue reading

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How often do you sometimes prefer exclusively using technology?

Survey results are pretty useless when the people designing the survey: a) don’t understand how to word questions/statements to garner meaningful data from respondents, and b) create rigid, multiple choice scales that aren’t related to the questions being asked or … Continue reading

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What if private companies were run like public schools?

I asked myself this question a while ago, and here are a few thoughts I found worth mentioning… What if companies ran more like public schools, with teachers as managers and students as employees?

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A Civilized Discourse on Human Wind: Combating Rigor with Fart Humor

Story time, boys and girls… So the Common Core standards are bearing down on the Georgia state Language Arts curriculum for next year, and one of the primary focuses (foci?) of the new standards is introducing more “rigor” in literary … Continue reading

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