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Synergy *almost* works!

Edupoint has made a lot of updates to its Synergy software that (almost) make it functional! Here is a quick tribute to their “improvements” with some visuals to show how they *almost* worked.

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An Open Letter to Edupoint

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: I’m a teacher. I’m not a web designer. I’m not a programmer. I’m not a tech guru. I do, however, think I’m pretty tech savvy. Like most guys, I refuse to use … Continue reading

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Basic Math

My average class has 35 students. My school’s largest laptop cart has 32 computers. Do you see the problem? There has been intense debate about whether or not class size is directly related to student achievement. The data is just … Continue reading

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Higher order thinking through meme building

Whether or not you know the word ‘meme,’ you’ve probably seen them before. Stuff like this: And this: And these:   So what are memes, really? If you want the long, technical version, check out Wikipedia’s entry for Internet meme. … Continue reading

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How often do you sometimes prefer exclusively using technology?

Survey results are pretty useless when the people designing the survey: a) don’t understand how to word questions/statements to garner meaningful data from respondents, and b) create rigid, multiple choice scales that aren’t related to the questions being asked or … Continue reading

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