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The shoe metaphor vs. ‘one size fits all’ testing

So during my professional development session today, I watched a a little video about Lexile scores. Here – it’s on YouTube, so you can watch it too. It’s only about six minutes long, and it’s informative. But honestly, the argument … Continue reading

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Reimagining texts through technology: The Exodus

Just in time for Passover, Jewish website has posted a clever video that retells  the story of the Exodus. The question posed is “What if Moses had Facebook?” The answer is both visually stunning and contemplative, and it’s a … Continue reading

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10,000 strong…and growing.

Yeah, that’s a Flintstones Vitamins commercial reference… I don’t really know how it happened, but my buffalo video has reached 10,000 views! I know, I know, it isn’t really that impressive when you consider that something like this has over … Continue reading

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Two blog posts in one day?

Yes…because I referenced a video about cannibalism in my previous post before I had even uploaded it to the YouTubes. Now it’s there, and you can check it out. It illustrates how punctuation can affect meaning in a sentence. A … Continue reading

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