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Please don’t hug me…

In the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut, there have been a number of Internet posts and Facebook groups popping up, suggesting that Monday should be “Hug A Teacher Day,” or something of that sort. It’s to show appreciation for … Continue reading

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Basic Math

My average class has 35 students. My school’s largest laptop cart has 32 computers. Do you see the problem? There has been intense debate about whether or not class size is directly related to student achievement. The data is just … Continue reading

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Near an operator sighs a steer: Generating critical thought with nonsense

I love playing with the syntax and semantics of nonsense. As it turns out, most students get a kick out of it, too. These activities will definitely engage your students and make them think.

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Higher order thinking through meme building

Whether or not you know the word ‘meme,’ you’ve probably seen them before. Stuff like this: And this: And these:   So what are memes, really? If you want the long, technical version, check out Wikipedia’s entry for Internet meme. … Continue reading

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The shoe metaphor vs. ‘one size fits all’ testing

So during my professional development session today, I watched a a little video about Lexile scores. Here – it’s on YouTube, so you can watch it too. It’s only about six minutes long, and it’s informative. But honestly, the argument … Continue reading

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You Get What You Pay For…Sometimes.

A friend of mine posted this graph on Facebook (via Fareed Zakaria, via Andrew Sullivan): Accompanying the graph was a statement: [I]mproving teachers’ pay improves their standing in a country’s income distribution and hence the national status of teaching as … Continue reading

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To tweet, or not to tweet…

…that is the 28 character question. I take pride in the fact that I generally wait until the latest digital fad has tumbled from the apex of its popularity down into the “no longer hip, and almost not even relevant” … Continue reading

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